Frequently Asked Questions

There are no classes that can fit into my schedule, what should I do?
We will take requests for a private class if you have a group of 5 or more. Call the office for more details.

What if the semester has already started and we would like to register late?
Register, the classes are pro-rated, so you don’t pay for any of the classes which have already been missed.

My child may be advanced for his/her age, and I am not sure what class to register for?
All tumbling classes are 6 & up, register them for the correct classes based on the prerequisites.

What should my child wear?
Athletic clothing that they feel comfortable in
A shirt that can be tucked in, tank top or sports bra
Compression shorts, or shorts with no zipper or buckle
Sneakers that they can tumble in, preferably not street sneakers
No jewelry
Hair must be pulled back away from face
All-star will have designated practice wear

Do you offer trial classes?
No, however if you are unhappy your first class, you will receive a credit for the full class to use for another class or birthday party.

How do I register for classes?
We are only accepting online registrations. It's the easiest and fastest way. Please note that because it's all online, it's a first come first serve basis. When registering you must enter credit card information. The credit card information is to hold your spot. Please make a note in the comment section if you would like to use a different card to pay for the class.
If you are currently registered for a class, and signing up for the next session please use your login in information to register for the next session. If you do not use your login in information, you will create a new account.

Can I suggest a day and time for a class, that I don't see on the schedule?
Yes. You may contact the office to request the day/time, visit privates page for more info. Upon approval by Naples Cheer Academy management, we will list the class on our schedule. We need 5 people to run a class.

Is there any membership fees when signing up?
We Have An Annual $45 Membership Fee For The First Child & Our Family Annual Membership Fee is $70 Total.

Is there a discount for family members?
One child will be full price, while the next will get 10% off. Instead of Our Annual $45 Membership Fee, Our Family Membership Fee is $70.

Is there a discount for multiple classes?
Yes, the second class is discounted 10%, contact office for info on more than two classes.

Can I only do one month of classes?
You can, however our program is designed to be a year-round program. The lessons plans build and work up to things by the end of the year, so they will be missing essential parts of class if you choose to attend for one month. Also, you will pay for 1 month in advance, and then begin monthly payments. 30 days’ notice is required to cancel the class, so I you only want one month you must contact office when you register.

What is your refund policy?
The tuition is non-refundable to those who quit or decide to leave the program by choice. We do not offer a refund for the Annual Membership Fee. The tuition is billed monthly, and there is 30 days’ notice to cancel billing.

What are your class procedures?
Try to arrive about five minutes early before your class. Children should put their belongs away and wait for a teacher to come get them. A teacher will come to collect all students for all classes. There is one bathroom in the lobby area and one in the gym. We do not currently have a changing room, please come dressed and ready for the class, as there is limited space to change. We would like to make sure bathrooms are available for those who need to use it.

What do I do if my child missed a class?
Don't worry. Everyone is allowed 2 make-up classes for any classes missed. We will schedule specific make-up days through the session, they will not be permitted to attend another similar level class to make up, as we have a limited number of spots. Please make sure to register for a makeup class, for any missed classes before the month ends. Make up classes may not be made up more than 2 months past the day they missed.

How will I know when my child is ready to move up to the next level?
Contact the office to check on your child progress. The athletes all have skill level charts and regularly update their progress, so it’s easy to follow how they are doing. Check their charts and the prerequisite to see which class, they are eligible for. Each athlete will move on at different times, as long as they are learning and making progress, they are in the right spot.

I'm not receiving any emails. What should I do?
Please check with the office staff to make sure we have all your current information. It is your responsibly to make sure all the information we have is current and updated online.

I want my child to be on team, how do I go about getting them on?
Register for the team evaluations! If you cannot make it or missed it, please contact the office for a late tryout.

Do you offer private lessons? How do I schedule it? Is there an age limit?
We do offer an array of private lessons, for any age or level. For one child you can either do half an hour, or an hour. If you would like to do a private lesson with a friend, it must be for a half an hour. Please call the office for pricing, and scheduling.

How can I schedule a birthday party?
You can schedule a birthday party via email. Check out our Birthday Party Page

All students should be physically healthy before participating in cheer. Staff should be made aware of any allergies, ailments, or special needs.